AAA - Cautions in Extreme Heat

April 30, 2017

{?video;480;360;;;/video?} With temperatures soaring to record highs around the country, AAA cautions motorists not to underestimate the ways in which extreme heat can wreak ... More

Timing Belt Service to Save Big Bucks in Ocala

April 24, 2017

Your engine is like a finely choreographed dance. All the parts have to work together. If the timing is off at the ballet, dancers crash into each other and fall down. It the timing is off in your engine, it may not run at all. One of the most intricate dances in your engine has to do with the c... More

Drive Train Service in Ocala at Tuffy Ocala

April 17, 2017

The drive train in your vehicle includes all the components that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. Those components differ depending on what type of vehicle you drive, namely, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The preventive maintenance y... More

What's up with Diesels in Ocala?

April 9, 2017

Would you be surprised to learn that about half of the passenger cars in Europe have diesel engines? You might also be surprised to learn that most manufacturers produce a variety of diesel-fueled cars for purchase abroad.Diesel-fueled vehicles haven't been as popular in the North American marke... More

Ocala Drivers Severe Service Maintenance Schedules

April 4, 2017

Since driving requirements and lifestyles differ among Ocala drivers, your vehicle manufacturer publishes two auto maintenance schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. Which schedule should Ocala drivers follow? Here are some questions to ask yourself:Are most of your trip... More